Proper Care Of Flat Irons

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Are there any special techniques for caring for my flat iron?

Proper Care Of Flat Irons

Taking care of your styling tools is important to their performance and longevity. Flat irons need regular maintenance or you may find your expensive flat iron isn't giving you the great hairstyle it could be.

Always be sure to keep the plates clean for optimum performance. Styling products in the hair can cause build up on the plates which could lead to excess stickiness. This gummy coating on the plates could cause damaging stress on your hair by pulling at the strands and causing breakage. Flat irons are meant to glide through the hair so be sure yours is squeaky clean when being used.

Wrapping electrical cords can cause damage to them and lead to a dead flat iron. When storing flat irons avoid wrapping the cord tightly around the flat iron and instead bundle it loosely and lay the cord with the tool.

Most flat irons' plates are made from ceramic which is fragile. When using your flat iron be sure it is resting on a flat, heat resistant surface to avoid dropping it while in use. You flat iron should also be stored in a safe drawer between uses to avoid damage.

A flat iron will take several minutes to cool down after use. To avoid burning surrounding object when the flat iron is stored purchase a heat resistant pouch specifically designed to cover the flat iron's plates. This pouch will also keep your flat iron plates clean and protect them from damage during travel and storage.



10/10/2011 6:07:05 PM
Ann Browm said:

i want to know what is a good solution that i can put on the flat iron that will take the brown build up on the flat iron off,if there is a solution what is the name of the product.


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