How To Permanently Straighten Hair

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I have curly hair and I'm tired of styling it straight every morning. Is there a way to get rid of my curls for good?

How To Permanently Straighten Hair

Sometimes dealing with curly or wavy hair on a daily basis is just too much of a hassle. If you're ready to really say good-bye to your curly hair try one of the products on the market that will permanently straighten hair.

These products work much like a perm does in that they come in a two step application process. The first solution will straighten hair by breaking down the bonds of your hair and reforming them in a straighter pattern. The second step, called the neutralizer, hardens the newly formed bonds and gives you permanently straightened hair.

Be sure to choose the right formulation for your hair type. There is a solution designed for virgin (uncolored or unpermed hair) or hair that has been colored with a semi-permanent or low peroxide color, a formula for resistant or coarse hair and another for highlighted and high lift color hair. Always be sure to follow the directions very carefully when you straighten hair yourself and follow up with good conditioning hair products per the kit's instructions.



5/8/2010 5:18:27 AM
anonymous said:

this is so sad we want some long term effects that will naturally straighen your hair not stupid step by step instructions after straightening your hair permanently


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