Give Short Styles Flair With Flat Irons

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I have short hair and was wondering if there are flat iron hairstyles for shorter hair?

Give Short Styles Flair With Flat Irons

Flat irons aren't just for flowing long hair. This season's short hairstyles rely on flips and loads of texture to make short hair look its best.

For short hair (longer than three inches) use a mini flat iron to give your top layers lift at the roots and a wild, spike-y texture. Blow dry your hair with the aid of a styling spray, concentrating on getting loads of volume on the top. Use the flat iron, starting at the roots, to randomly lift sections of hair. Any hair long enough at the back or sides can be flipped upward at the ends.

Flat irons also work wonders on various bob hairstyles. Use the flat iron on a one length bob to give even curly hair a sleek finish such as Jessica Simpson's new hairstyle. For a trendier version use a flat iron on a layered bob to give texture to the various layers and a subtle flip on the sides and ends.

When using a Flat iron it is always a good idea to protect your hair prior to styling with a thermal styling spray. Simply spray the thermal styling spray on clean, damp hair and style or spray a small amount on sections of dry hair right before using your flat iron.



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