Hair Product: Conditioning vs. Conditioner

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What's the difference between a conditioning shampoo and a combined shampoo/conditioner?

Hair Product: Conditioning vs. Conditioner

Sometimes it seems that there are too many products to choose from, and marketing terms can be confusing. A hair care product labeled "shampoo/conditioner" will not clean hair effectively. The point of lathering up with shampoo is to lift dirt and grime from the follicles and rinse it away.

Once you've cleaned your hair properly, it's ready to be conditioned. With a combined shampoo/conditioner, the chemical that makes your hair feel "conditioned" is really building a waxy coating over the follicles that will eventually make them look dull. A conditioning shampoo, however, is completely different—this hair product may not be as deep cleansing as other shampoos, but it contains more moisturizing agents and can be very beneficial for dry hair.

*It's still wise to use a good conditioner afterwards, even with a "conditioning shampoo."



11/1/2006 2:00:39 PM
James Koch said:

Nonsense. The ingredients are nearly identical. This is a marketing ploy. Hair is dead. it can't be revitalized.


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