Hair Product: Mink Oil Shampoo

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What hair product will cure split ends?

Hair Product: Mink Oil Shampoo

A mink coat can keep you cozy and glamorous but it is mink oil shampoo that can turn a dry, brittle head of hair into the shiny, ultra-soft mane you desire. Spilt ends will be gone after treatment with this hair product that also nourishes and restores natural gloss.

Mink oil shampoo is hypoallergenic, penetrating, and boasts a high concentration of fatty acids. Oil of mink extract, along with lipopeptides, helps restore brittle hair's natural protective coating and gives hair extraordinary shine. This hair product gently cleanses dry, fragile hair while a detangling agent (derived from plants) smoothes down the hair shaft. You'll be happy with your hair, just remember to thank the mink!



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